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The rumen harbors a vast microbial community composed of all the domains of life; Bacteria, Archaea, and


Our aim is to uncover the nature of the interactions between those different microbial domains, with a particular focus on the relationship between the prokaryotic microorganisms in the rumen and ciliate protozoa community.

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Come take a look at our preprint showing the effect of predatory ciliate protozoa on the rumen prokaryotic community!

July 2020

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Elie Jami

Principal Investigator

Published Work

Rumen protozoa shape microbiome composition and metabolic output of fermentation.

Ronnie Solomon, Tanita Wein, Bar Levy, Veronica Reiss, Tamar Zehavi, Ori Furman, Elie Jami (2020)  

Biorxiv doi:https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.05.15.080218

Currency, Exchange, and Inheritance in the Evolution of Symbiosis

Tanita Wein, Devani Romero Picazo, Frances Blow, Christian Woehle, Elie Jami, Thorsten BH Reusch, William F Martin, Tal Dagan

Trends in microbiology, June 2019

Exploring the prokaryotic community associated with the rumen ciliate protozoa population

Bar Levy and Elie Jami

Frontiers in microbiology, September 2018

Effect of silage inoculants on the quality of baled whole‐crop wheat silages and milking cow performance

Yehoshav A. Ben‐Meir, Elie Jami , Yuri Portnik, Shamay Ya'acoby, Yaira Chen , Ibukun M. Ogunade, Adegbola T. Adesogan, Zwi G. Weinberg

Grassland Science, April 2018

Effects of including NaOH-treated corn straw as a substitute for wheat hay in the ration of lactating cows on performance, digestibility, and rumen microbial profile

Elie JamiNaama ShterzerEdith YosefMoshe NikbachatJoshua MironItzhak Mizrahi

Journal of Dairy Science, April 2014

Exploring the bovine rumen bacterial community from birth to adulthood

Elie Jami, Adi Israel, Assaf Kotser, Itzhak Mizrahi

ISMEJ, March 2013

Effects of adding a concentrated pomegranate-residue extract to the ration of lactating cows on in vivo digestibility and profile of rumen bacterial population

Elie Jami, Ariel Shabtay, Moshe Nikbachat, Edith Yosef, Joshua Miron, Itzhak Mizrahi

Journal of Dairy Science, October 2012

Similarity of the ruminal bacteria across individual lactating cows

Elie Jami, Itzhak Mizrahi

Anaerobe, April 2012

Insights into the bovine rumen plasmidome

Aya Brown Kav, Goor Sasson, Elie Jami, Adi Doron-Faigenboim, Itai Benhar, Itzhak Mizrahi

Proceedings of the National  Academy of Science, April 2012


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